Paris Welcome Letter from the President, Dr. Tara Pir


Dear ICP Members and Colleagues,

As you know, we are approaching our annual meeting in Paris, which is scheduled for July 13-15. Our program is designed to be responsive to the international professional interests. Additionally, traditionally, our conference has supported and been conducted in conjunction with  the  conferences of other similar organizations. This year, our meeting  follows  the 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology being held in Paris on July 8-13. This collaborative effort has always created meaningful opportunities for exchange and promotion of our mutual mission and goal.

This year it is especially exciting as we are meeting in Paris, a site known historically as a center of important literary, intellectual, and political movements and events. For example, it was here, in December 1948, that the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A member of the Declaration’s drafting committee noted of the occasion that, “there was an atmosphere of genuine solidarity among men and women from all latitudes.”  It  is in that spirit that I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming conference in Paris.

J’espère vous voire à notre prochaine rencontre


Tara Pir, Ph.D.



International Council of Psychologists (ICP):

ICP 2014 Events

  • 28th International Conference of Applied Psychology (IAAP/ICAP) in Paris, 8-13 July


  • 122nd Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, in Washington, D.C., August 7-10
  • ICP Meetings in Washington, D.C., 10-12 August 

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