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Resources for international psychology: 75 years of the international council of Psychologistsicp75cover

Editors: Harold Takooshian, Uwe P. Gielen, Florence L. Denmark, Ann O'Roark

As psychology now grows much faster outside than inside North America, how can professionals and students become more involved in global psychological science, practice, consulting, advocacy? This volume presents valuable new information in four parts:

  1. Forewords by distinguished leaders of the International Council of Psychologists.
  2. Past. New materials on 75 years of ICP--including its remarkable origins in 1941, its growth, current activities, and selected Proceedings of the annual ICP conferences in Yokohama (2016) and New York City (2017).
  3. Present. Ten concise and helpful essays by key experts, each offering resources for novices and veterans who seek to get more involved in international psychology: Organizations / Teaching / Research / Consulting / Service / Study abroad / Teaching abroad / Funding / Advocacy / Technology / United Nations activities / Leadership
  4. Future. Twenty recent and current leaders of international psychology associations offer a personal vision statement, to answer this timely question: "In your view, what is the optimal role of international psychology organizations to address the emerging challenges of the 21st Century?"

This ICP volume is available at a pre-publication rate per copy of U$30 post-paid. Order by credit card at here.

** Takooshian, H, Gielen, UP, & Denmark, FL, & O'Roark, AM (Eds.). Resources for international psychology: 75 years of the International Council of Psychologists. New York: Global Scholarly Publications.

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