Download International Psychologist, Volume 51, Number 4

Newsletter Highlights

  • Message from:
    • President Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein, England : Encouragement to obtain new members and encouragement to participate in the 2012 ICP conference in Sevilla, Spain.
    • President-elect Dr. Tara Pir, USA: As president-elect is to promote the spirit of ―inclusion by design
      to engage and recruit members from around the world
    • Past-President Dr. Ann O’Roarke, USA: Wrap up celebrating 2011 with ICP‘s 70th birthday on December
      15 beginning a new era of inclusion, Nexalism.
    • Treasurer Dr. Gerald L. Gamache, USA: Dr. Machiko Fukuhara
      has donated $10,000 (USD) for an annual award
    • News from the United Nations
    • ICP 70th Conference: Sevilla, Spain: Call for in absentia Poster Proposals due…. PROPOSAL FOR INITIAL PROGRAM
    • Nominations Call: DISTINGUISHED CONTRIBUTION Frances Mullen AWARD
    • Continuing education chair report: ATOP Meaningful world participates in the NYSPA Mind & Body Health Fair
    • Call for 2012 CE Workshops: send outline and abstract to Dr. Ani Kalayjian
    • Member News and more…….