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Newsletter Highlights

  • Message from:
    • President Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein, England :Grateful to all who have worked for the betterment of ICP and helped to move us forward. Please send Annual Reports of activities, to Ann Marie for inclusion in the next edition of the IP. Encouragement to obtain new members and encouragement to participate in the 2012 ICP conference in Sevilla, Spain.
    • Results on Membership vote for new Financial Policies
    • President-elect Dr. Tara Pir, USA: inviting all health and mental health professionals to submit their research and proposal abstracts related to the theme of our conference: Women and Immigration. Submission form is attached. Sub-missions are due by May 1st.
    • Past-President Dr. Ann O’Roarke, USA: Send board member nominations for 2012 elections to me in March, April, May so that details for ballot can be completed. ICP, Inc. opens its arms to welcome new members.
    • Treasurer Dr. Gerald L. Gamache, USA: Please, if you have not done so, pay your 2012 dues! Expe-dite that payment through the web site: ICPWEB.ORG. The ICP, Inc. Board of Directors and members approved the new policies developed and submitted by the Finance Committee last fall.
    • ICP 70th Conference: Sevilla, Spain: PROGRAM Schedule
      • Call for in absentia Poster Proposals due….
      • Call for 2012 CE Workshops
    • Nominations Call:Nominations Call: DISTINGUISHED CONTRIBUTION Frances Mullen AWARD
      All nominations should be sent by July 30, 2012 to Anna Laura Comunian E-Mail: /li>
    • CALL FOR PAPERS.Announcing the Seisoh Sukemune/Bruce Bain Encouragement of
      Early Career Research Award 2011 – 2012. Deadline Thursday, May 31, 2012
    • The Fukuhara Advanced International Psychology Research and Service Award
    • Regional and World Reports… Member News and more…….