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We hope that you enjoy your latest International Psychologist. The International Understanding supplement will be out in another 7-10 days.



72nd ICP, INC Conference in Paris, France! Registration open now – visit to register now! Also, proposals being accepted until May 15.


Articles for the next edition of the IP should be sent to Dr. Ann Marie O’Roark, no later than May 15, 2014. Her email address is:


Submission specifications are below:

  • Articles and reports up to 300 words. Longer papers and articles can be used in the IU which is published semi-annually.
  • Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) or .RTF file formats required.
  • Photos and flyers work best in JPEG (.jpg) format if not being sent in a Word document. Please do not send PDF files unless absolutely necessary.
  • ALL articles, letters, reports, informational fliers, etc. MUST include contact information so that members can respond to you if you are asking for a response/submission/information.
  • Times New Roman is the preferred font, 11 pt is the preferred size.
  • Please spell check and proofread your work. I will correct obvious spelling/punctuation/grammar errors, based on APA Style writing.

Thank you!



Nancy Quatrano

International Psychologist Volume 54, Number 1