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The ICP Newsletter is published quarterly


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ICP members meet each year at the Annual Conefrence

ICP Activities

 Webinar Series

ICP Webinars feature experts talking about substantive topics or providing information and discussion.

 Interest Groups

ICP members come together in self-organized Interest Groups to pursue common interests.

 Area Chairs

Area Chairs encourage colleauges in their country or region to interact, collaborate, and benefit from ICP

More Activities

ICP Elections will be held online for 30 days from April 6 to May 5, 2018

Open positions for 2018 include:

Anna Guil
   Yoshiko Katou
Asazuma ICP                
 Naoki Asazuma
   Elaine Congress
   Debbie Joffe Elli
   Amina Muazzam
   Chris Mulchay



Duties: Serves one year as President-Elect, one year as President, and one year as immediate Past President. The duties of the President-Elect are to work as part of the Conference organization team for 2020, to begin to plan the 2021 conference, to participate actively in the Board of Directors deliberations, and to prepare regular articles for the newsletter

  Candidate for President Elect:     
Anna Guil Bozal, PhD

See Acceptance of Candidacy Letter to ICP

See CV

ICP 1 2


My interest in the ICP is greatly tied to my own background where I grew up in a multicultural and multilingual country (Malaysia), went to Canada for university studies, and eventually became a citizen. Living in vastly different societies gave me a high appreciation of how culture shapes one’s sense of the world, and the need for flexibility and understanding when interacting with others. The appeal of ICP for me is its respect and celebration of international diversity. It reaches out to individuals from different countries, especially early career professionals, and is focused on initiatives that connect and benefit its members across the world. Its rich history and contributions from eminent psychologists in its creation and development speaks to the importance of continuing to build on the foundation they have established, while evolving to support the work of psychologists and their contribution to today’s changing and turbulent world. Should I be elected, my objectives are to support the wonderful work being done by the dedicated ICP individuals at the frontline, encourage active involvement of members especially early career professionals across the world, and creating new opportunities that links psychologists worldwide.


  Candidate for President Elect:     
Yoshiko Katou, PhD

See Statement




I consider it will be wonderful if I can accede purposefulness of ICP inc. and contribute to encourage psychologists for human well-being and peace with crossing national border.

ICP inc. has contributed to encourage many psychologists and their students across the globe by exchanging knowledge of psychology for above 70 years. However, the activity of ICP inc. is not only exchanging knowledge, but also building reliable relationship with psychologist of diverse culture. It is most attractive aspect of ICP inc. and it might be difficult for any other academic associations. Progressing rapid globalization, the necessity for collaboration between diverse cultures force. Psychologists have abilities and skills to promote the facilitation of this collaboration in consideration of human well-being and peace. For these reason, the role of ICP inc. is getting important more and more. And I decided to become a candidate of president of ICP inc.. Thank you for your reading.




CANDIDATES FOR Director-at-Large 

Duties: Serves three years. Member of the Board of Directors. The responsibilities of Board as a whole include: monitoring and oversight of the work of the Council; determining general policies, making and amending rules for the conduct of governance meetings, procedures established for Council programs and activities, and procedures established to guide officers, committees, agents, delegates, and staff; and for submission of an annual report to the President and Board. The Board of Directors approves the annual budget, selects the conference sites, and oversees committee activities. It is anticipated that each Director at Large will actively engage in one or more ICP functions or committees.

  Candidate for Director at Large:
Naoki Asazuma, MD

See Letter of Acceptance

See CV 

Asazuma ICP

If I am elected I would like to serve for the ICP, Inc. for further development in terms of carrying Interdisciplinary work for Human Health Care, with other professionals, like psychologists, as a medical professional. Especially I am interested in global human care in order to help people for their well-being.

I am trying to develop this idea in the JAMC (Japanese Association of Microcounseling): Out of this experience, I have found I am learning much more about human beings, and, also, how to approach them. With this awareness/experience, I would like to see how it works internationally hoping that it will contribute to ICP, Inc whose philosophy is to put the value on Humanity.



Candidate for Director at Large: 
Elaine Congress, MSW
United States

See CV

Congress ICPDAL


I would like to serve on the International Council of Psychologists (ICP) board as my background as well as my future projects are very compatible with ICP mission of “furthering world peace, promoting human rights, and promoting collaboration among mental health professionals and social sciences, globally.” For many years I have been involved with promoting human rights locally, nationally and internationally. As an academic I introduced a human rights orientation into my university’s curriculum, taught in Australia and was selected as a Fulbright Senior Specialist. At the United Nations I represent an NGO with over 3 million members, have served on the DPI Executive Committee and helped organize UN conferences in Paris, Australia, Mexico, Korea and the United States

My cross cultural research includes books, articles, and chapters on cultural diversity, social justice, ethics, and graduate education for both English and Korean academics.

If elected to serve on the ICP board I will work in three main areas

  1. To educate professionals and students about human rights and world peace This goal has been the focus of my professional work for many years.
  2. To promote interdisciplinary collaboration that advances the educational and advocacy efforts of ICP My past and current education and experience demonstrates my belief that increasing interdisciplinary collaboration will strengthen our organization.
  3. To increase membership and participation in ICP I will bring my prior experience in developing and increasing participation in programs and organizations to work on growing the number of ICP members.


Candidate for Director-at-Large:
Debbie Jeffe Ellis, PhD
United States

See Acceptance Letter of Candidacy

See CV

Debbie Ellis



Objectives for becoming a candidate:  To participate with fellow ICP Colleagues in providing psycho-education about individual, societal and global issues that can contribute to the betterment of humankind to as many people as possible.

My perspectives of services to ICP:  It is vital that students and professionals in the psychology and counseling fields are taught factual information about the history and development of psychotherapy, and learn approaches most relevant to the times we live in. My late husband was Albert Ellis, who heralded in the cognitive revolution in psychotherapy with his humanistic approach of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), from which newer approaches, such as CBT, Positive Psychology and many more, have been developed. It is my mission to continue the Ellis work, as my husband entrusted me to do. An essential element of REBT is its call to practice tolerance and unconditional acceptance, and there has rarely been a time in history in which these attitudes have been needed more. Psychologists have a great opportunity to help troubled and suffering people empower themselves by teaching them how to achieve and maintain healthy ways of thinking and feeling in order to minimize hostility, wars and brutality, and to maximize happiness. This applies to people of every culture and faith. I would like to participate in ICP in ways that include educating professionals and students around the world about REBT and other humanistic approaches: those which are effective psychotherapies in addition to being healthy ways of life and living.





Candidate for Director-at-Large: 
Amina Muazzam, PhD

See Statement of Acceptance and Experience 

See CV



The mind will never fully be conquered; therefore the world of psychology will always be expanding, allowing psychologists to continue learning about this fascinating subject. My dream is to bring the psychology community closer; this will allow me to greatly broaden the knowledge and understanding of psychology.

I am interested in becoming an active member of the International Council for Psychologists and I am also looking forward to explore the opportunities to become a  member of the board. I wish to bring the psychology community closer as it will allow me to greatly broaden the knowledge and understanding of psychology. It will be a platform to advance the science and practice of psychology and to support the use of psychological knowledge to promote social health and justice. By becoming an ICP Board member I will get a broader platform to contribute to world peace and human rights for everyone by helping to empower under-represented ethnic and culturally diverse groups. It will also foster International professional development, networking, communication, mentoring and friendship among psychologists and allied mental health professionals and social scientists.






Candidate for Director-at-Large:
Chris Mulchay, PhD
United States

See Letter of Acceptance

See CV

Mulchay ICPDAL

I am honored to be a member of the International Council of Psychologists (ICP). I grew up with a very diverse and international background. My grandfather was appointed by John F. Kennedy to be the ambassador to Ghana shortly after they gained independence. My mother was born in Ghana during this time. My father was born and raised in Mexico. He continued to have dual citizenship and work in Mexico throughout his life. I have loved traveling and interacting with people from other countries.
As a clinical psychologist, my work is focused on individual interactions with the members of my small community. The International Council of Psychologist provides the conduit for me to use my clinical training with my passion for connecting and serving people in other countries. I have a commitment to our profession to serve in a variety of capacities. I have enjoyed presenting and participating in the human rights summits these last couple years. I am also excited about helping with the anniversary book with Dr. O’Roark and Dr. Takooshian guidance. I look forward to many years of service and connection.



Resources for International Psychology: 75 years of the international Council of Psychologists

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