The ICP Latin America and Caribbean (LAMC) Psychology Special Interest Group

is a regional interest group open to any member who has an interest in learning about psychology in LAMC and about the significant contributions of psychologists in this region to the understanding of issues that are central to ICP. Members need not be located in the region, neither be from the region.


  • To promote the global visibility of contributions, both historical and contemporary, of psychology in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAMC);
  • To examine the ways in which LAMC perspectives enhance the understanding of key issues of interest to global psychology, including but not limited to: human rights, social and climate justice, health equity, and the effects of historical and political forces on the shaping of psychology;
  • To stimulate and strengthen academic exchange and research collaboration between LAMC and other regions;
  • To engage psychologists and psychology trainees in LAMC in ICP’s initiatives and activities

Interest Group Chairs: Naomi Koerner ( and Elison Santos (   

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