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ICP welcomes nominations and self-nominations for prestigious international awards that honor international research and service! Deadlines Nov 15!!!

Please click on the weblinks below for detailed information. 

Fukuhara Advanced International Research and Service

Purpose: to recognize mid-career or senior level psychologist with distinguished contributions to international psychology in research and service. Nominees do not need to be ICP members.
Deadline: November 15, 2018
Link: http://icpweb.org/awards/icp-awards-information/fukuhara-award.html

Denmark-Gunvald Award for Feminist Research and Service

Purpose: to honor a psychologist who has a history of research and service that directly benefits the health, promotion and well-being of women in the world. Nominees do not need to be ICP members.
Deadline November 15, 2018
Link: http://icpweb.org/awards/icp-awards-information/denmark-gunvald-award.html

Frances Mullen Distinguished Contribution to International Psychology Award

Purpose: to honor a member of the ICP who has a long and distinguished history of research or applied contributions to one or more international areas.
Deadline November 15, 2018
Link: http://icpweb.org/awards/icp-awards-information/frances-mullen-award.html

Seisoh Sukemune/Bruce Bain Encouragement of Early Career Research Award

Purpose: to recognize outstanding early career contributions to scholarly endeavors addressing psychological issues of a universal or multinational significance. Nominees do not need to be ICP members.
Deadline November 15, 2018
Link: http://icpweb.org/awards/icp-awards-information/sukemune-bain-award.html

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