ICP Representation at the United Nations

Consultative Status with ECOSOC and DPI

ICP has held consultative status at the United Nations since 1981. Our representation serves on a number of NGO committees and works with the Psychology Coalition at the UN (PCUN) for policy development and advocacy. ICP also is one of the core associations working to develop the annual Psychology Day at the UN.

Representation at New York Headquarters

MAIN Representation: Dr. Florence Denmark

ECOSOC Representatives:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Kloner
  • Dr. Leslie Popoff
  • Dr. Eva Sandis
  • Dr. Janet SIgal

DGC (Department of Global Communications) Representatives

  • Dr. Juneau Gary
  • Dr. Elaine Olaoye
  • Dr. Dinesh Sharma


  • Shreya Aragula
  • Tanya Chowdhury
  • Stephanie Santo
  • Anna Stauber
  • Luyu Zhang
  • Nadia Meshkali

Special Projects

  • Diane Loegel
  • Whitney Smith

Collaborative Relations: Psychology Coalition at the United Nations (PCUN)

Representation in Vienna

  • Dr. Roswith Roth
  • Dr. Vera Luckgei

ICP Activities at the UN


  • Statement on COVID-19 (June, 2020) – “Building Back Better”
  • Statement on
  • Statement on


  • ICP UN Interns presentation to the NGO Committee on the Family