Decolonizing Psychology / Decolonizing Society

Meeting Times

Proposal for next dates: every third Tuesday of the month, to start with Tuesday June 21, 10 AM EDT / 4 PM CET.

This Special Interest Group is dedicated to decolonizing psychology and examining ways in which a more globally-informed psychology can be a catalyst for decolonizing minds and societies. We invite ICP members to join Decolonising Psychology & Psychology Decolonising Society. Members need not be “experts” in the area—any ICP member interested in developing their awareness, knowledge and understanding, and in transforming knowledge into action, is welcome.

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Feel free to contact us via email. We invite questions, comments and expressions of interest.

Polli Hagenaars (Netherlands, ICP Director-at-Large):
Élison Santos (Brazil, ICP Director-at-Large):

To help with the planning of our Special Interest Group’s activities, we have developed the following brief survey. Through the questions, we hope to better understand your perspectives regarding colonization, decolonization and indigenization of psychology. The survey is open to the entire ICP membership; you are welcome to share your perspectives on these topics, even if joining the Special Interest Group is not in your plans at this moment. Thank you for taking the time to respond to our survey!

What are ways you would like to see the interest group address colonization, decolonization and indigenization in each of the content areas below?

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