Erinn C. Cameron

I am a Fogarty Global Health Fellow at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and a visiting scholar at Stellenbosch University in South Africa where I research the effects of climate change on the mental health of pregnant women living with HIV. As a clinical psychologist, I also study climate anxiety and pro-environmental behavior.

I have served on the ICP board for the past 3 years where I received invaluable mentorship in international leadership skills from long standing ICP leaders. Editorial work on the ICP newsletter has fostered my appreciation for the remarkable work and dedication of our members to ICP’s mission. I pledge to continue to extend the scope and outreach of ICP through all aspects of ICP activities. Additionally, I continue to serve on ICP’s conference planning committee where I have gained in-depth knowledge of ICP’s inner workings. I have also experienced firsthand how our organization brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to advance international psychology and human rights. I pledge to harness the collective energy of our membership to continue to enhance and develop ICP events, ensuring they remain a platform for innovation, knowledge sharing, and growth for international psychology. As a first-generation university student, and a non-traditional learner, I am passionate about increasing engagement of diverse individuals in international psychology and providing mentorship for students and ECPs. I am also involved in expanding ICP’s internship program at the United Nations, which is poised to be one of the most transformative aspects of our organization’s work. I believe that a program where graduate students from across the globe can gain skills to make a substantial impact on the world stage is an important use of ICP resources. I pledge to forge new partnerships, and work to provide even more opportunities for global psychologists to contribute to international psychological research and human rights advocacy. Further, my commitment to international psychological research is unwavering. I have dedicated my career to advancing international cross-cultural psychology research initiatives, and I pledge to continue fostering a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation within ICP. Together, we can strengthen our impact on the international stage, promoting psychological well-being and human rights globally. My involvement across several areas of ICP and my own work in international psychology have shaped my vision for ICP’s future. It is crucial that we unite ICP members to address pressing international issues. My vision for ICP includes positioning our organization as a hub for international issues of psychological importance with a particular emphasis on human rights in the context of climate change, human trafficking, violence against women, refugees and migrants, and decolonizing psychology across theory, research, and practice. ICP has a long history of championing our organizational values. I am committed to upholding these values and to charting a course for the future that is impactful, inclusive, and forward-thinking. I am humbled and excited by the opportunity to lead our organization and to collaborate with each of you on this exciting journey. I kindly request your support, trust, and vote for president in this special election.

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