Asazuma ICPNaoki Asazuma
I have been a member of ICP since 2016, and attended three conferences, Yokohama, New York and Montreal. I became interested in the mission of ICP, which emphasizes Human Right, Respect of Individual Dignity, Social Justice. Since I have worked as a medical physician for 30 years in Tokyo, during which I realized that the human-centered approach in medical settings is greatly consistent with philosophy of ICP.
What is genuine healthcare for human beings then? This is to help patients for their strives towards wellness. I think helping this kind of strives should be carried with the idea that human beings are unique and have right to be understood globally, being respected as a whole. The individual is likely to be multicultural being, in terms of carrying various elements, such as physiological, economic, social and cultural identities. Interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches among professionals might be needed for global healthcare of the individual understanding, protecting and promoting uniqueness of individual patient for wellbeing.
Recent major presentations include followings:

  • Symposium: Asazuma N. Human Rights, Dignity and Justice – Global Health Care towards Well-Being (wellness) of Individual and Group. 76th Annual Conference of ICP, 2018.
  • Symposium: Asazuma N. Human Centered Approach in Medical Setting – from the Viewpoint of M.D. at General Hospital. 74thAnnual Conference of ICP, 2016.
  • Paper: Asazuma N. Interdisciplinary Study on Patient-Doctor Relationship at Medical Settings. 75th Annual Conference of ICP, 2017.
  • Key note: Asazuma N. “Skill of Microcounseling Approaches on Medical Communication”. 8th Conference of Japanese Association of Microcounseling, Japan, 2016.
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