2019 santosI’m a psychologist in Brazil. Since I was 12, living in the countryside of the state of Minas Gerais, in the Southeast of Brazil, I realized that my life has a meaning and that this meaning comes from my attitude of being willing to help the people around me.

Throughout my adolescence, youth and adult life I’ve worked in and coordinated a variety of groups whose mission was to help others. These included regional youth movements, church youth camps, groups that delivered soup for the homeless one night a week, and projects to prevent drug addiction. I have also designed courses about sex education for youth, about relationships for couples and parents, and about human rights for private and public institutions.

Recently, I partnered with other psychologists to found the Instituto Busca Sentido (Search for Meaning Institute). There we offer courses in several areas for psychologists and psychology students; for parents, helping them to better understand their children and how to better educate them; and for businessmen, about the best human practices of leadership and human rights. We also produce articles, videos and audio for our YouTube channel and for local and national radio stations and TV channels.

I’m married to my dear Edivani, who is also a clinical psychologist. We have two handsome boys, João Pedro, age 14, and Lucas, age 12, who are both musicians and good students. I love music, I love writing and I love meeting interesting people who also want to build a better world.

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