Interviews with current and past ICP Board Members
by Elisón Santos, Busca Sentido Institute, Brazil
ICP Board Member at Large

Interview with Polli Haagenars, Netherlands
ICP Board Member; Co-Chair Global Network of Psychologists for Human Rights

Link: (36 min)

Polli Hagenaars

Interview with Andrew Simon, Seton Hall University, USA
ICP Membership Chair & Webinar Chair

Link: (16 min)

Andrew Simon

Interview with Amina Muazzam, Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan
ICP Board Member

Link: (26 min)

Interview with George Hu, United Family Healthcare Shanghai, China
former ICP Board Member

Link: (31 min)

Interview with Merry Bullock, Ahimsa International, USA / Estonia
ICP Secretary-General

Link: (32 min)

Interview with Josephine Tan, Lakehead University, Canada
ICP President-Elect

Link: (40 min)