Most travelers arrive in Cádiz via Madrid (655 km/406 miles away), Sevilla (130 km/80 miles away) or Jerez de Frontera (37 km/22 miles away)

Getting to Cádiz from Jerez de Frontera

Trains from the airport take 45-55 minutes. Read more here

Getting to Cádiz from Sevilla

The trip is about 2.5 hours. You can take a bus from the airport to Cadiz, or take a bus to the Seville train station and then take a train. Read more here

Getting to Cádiz from Madrid

You can get from Madrid to Cadiz by flying (hour flight, nonstops about every hour) or train (about 4.5 hours) or bus (about 7 hours). Read more here

**Here is a useful site with information on different forms of transport:**

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