ICP Statement on Ukraine


ICP Statement on Ukraine

The International Council of Psychologists (ICP) is a global organization of psychologists and allied professionals. The mission of ICP is “to promote human rights, dignity, and justice and further international understanding and world peace by facilitating collaborative relationships around the world.”

The International Council of Psychologists condemns the unprovoked attacks on the Ukrainian people by the military forces of the Russian Federation under the command of President Putin. ICP differentiates the Putin regime from the Russian people, most of whom have no voice in or accurate information about the actions of their government. Freedom to live safely and within a just society is the right of all individuals worldwide. The unwarranted violence initiated on the Ukrainian people is in direct contradiction to freedom, justice and peace in the world (Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Preamble).

As psychologists we are well aware of the immediate and long-lasting human costs of aggression on health and well-being, effects that last over generations. We support the actions of the United Nations (https://www.unhcr.org/ua/en/overview) . We join our colleagues in the psychology community who are mounting direct and indirect assistance and encourage us all to be generous in time, resources, and voice as we witness this shocking aggression. We support all those who are raising their voices against war and tyranny.

Concrete steps you can take now:

  • Support your elected representatives and governments in their resolve to censure and sanction the Russian Federation and to provide direct aid to Ukraine.
  • Donate to global agencies or local charities supporting aid to Ukraine (examples include Doctors without Borders/Medicin Sans Frontieres, the Red Cross/Red Crescent societies,  as well as social service organizations in Ukraine.
  • Take personal steps to promote peace and justice, such as sharing verified news in your social circle and social media. Work against disinformation and fake news. Help people understand the seriousness of the situation.