The Interest Group Decolonizing Psychology & Psychology Decolonizing Society is focused on examining ways in which a more globally-informed psychology can be a catalyst for decolonizing minds and societies. Members need not be “experts” in the area—any ICP member interested in developing awareness, knowledge and understanding, and in transforming knowledge into action, is welcome.

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Polli Hagenaars (Netherlands, ICP Director-at-Large): polli.hagenaars@gmail.com
Élison Santos (Brazil, ICP Director-at-Large): elisonsan@gmail.com

Meeting Notes and Events

Next Meeting: August 23

    • Presentation by Dr. Kundan Singh, “Decolonizing Psychology through Understanding the Play of Binaries.” Kundan Singh, PhD is a professor at Sofia University, Palo Alto, California and at the Hindu University of America, Orlando, Florida

Notes of past meetings: