The Interest Group Decolonizing Psychology & Psychology Decolonizing Society is focused on examining ways in which a more globally-informed psychology can be a catalyst for decolonizing minds and societies. Members need not be “experts” in the area—any ICP member interested in developing awareness, knowledge and understanding, and in transforming knowledge into action, is welcome.

Plan for 2024/2025:

Seek speaking and think tank engagements in line with human rights, decolonization, systemic mental and behavioural health within intersection of practice, advocacy and research.

  • Face the front and hold discussions around global policies set by global organizations that are selectively applied on the basis of origin stories, race, geography, GDP among others
  • Continue to build on our group as the space to support increased personal exposure
  • Continue with and form new collaborations
  • Maintain the group’s ability to support members on their professional growth.

To Join: Edit your profile in the Membership Portal 

and check the box for Decolonization under Interest Groups


Lucy Waimuru Mukuria (Kenya, ICP Director-at-Large)

Interest Group Listserv:

Decolonization @icp.simplelists.com

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