ICP hosts Members’ Interest Groups on a number of topics/themes. You are welcome to join interest groups and participate in their activities.

How to Sign Up

If you are new to ICP
You can join ICP with a “Discover ICP” Membership that waives membership dues for the rest of the year!!! See the membership portal: https://icop.wildapricot.org and click on “join” to become a Discover ICP member, and then check off which Interest Groups you would like to join.

If you are already an ICP Member
You can join an interest group by editing your profile in the Wild Apricot Portal (https://icop.wildapricot.org) and check which Interest Groups you want to join


Decolonizing Psychology & Psychology Decolonizing Society Interest Group
The focus of this group is on examining ways in which a more globally-informed psychology can be a catalyst for decolonizing minds and societies. Members need not be “experts” in the area.  The group meets via ZOOM. Activities will include shared readings/videos; discussion; personal reflections. See details: Decolonizing Psychology / Decolonizing Society

Health Psychology Interest Group
The focus of this group is to strengthen the synergistic relationship between health psychology and human rights as it applies across diverse populations, connunities and individuals globally. The group will meet online. Activities will include shared expert lectures and discussion.  First meeting in June 2022. See details here: ICP Interest Group; Health Psychology

Latin America and Caribbean (LAMC) Psychology Interest Group
This groups is open to any member who has an interest in learning about psychology in Latin America and the Caribbean and about the significant contributions of psychologists in this region to the understanding of issues that are central to ICP. Members need not be located in the region, or be from the region. See details here: Latin America and Caribbean Psychology Interest Group

Human Rights, Health and Wellness from an Interdisciplinary / Cross- Cultural Perspective
This group has presented symposia at ICP conferences and recently conducted an informal survey of pandemic experiences. More details here: Human Rights, Health and Wellness from a Cross- Cultural / Interdisciplinary Perspective