Chair: Machiko Fukuhara (Japan); Naoki Asazuma (Japan)

Established in 2018 by Drs. Ann Marie O’Roark and Machiko Fukuhara this ICP Interest Group set out to be a platform for members from diverse disciplines and citizenships to collaborate.


  1. The first symposium, as an inaugurate one was, presented by founding members was “Individual and Group Factors impacting Well-Being.” Group members presented at the ICP annual meeting at Cadiz in including: Ann Marie O’Roark (USA), Ana Guil, Rocio Guil (Spain), Anna Laura Comunian (Italy), Naoki Asazuma and Machiko Fukuhara (Japan).
  2. The second activity:  the group initiated a Survey in the early months of covid 19 infections, which they expect to present at the 2022 ICP Regional Conference, ICP in Japan. This is to develop the study on human being facing to the disasters and to get cues to understand how to deal with those people under such situations as the Professionals of Helping. Members initially participating in gathering survey data included are; Roswith Roth (Austria), Florence Denmark (USA), Sandra Neil (Australia),  in addition to those named the above. Updated survey is also being planned along with this Pandemic Survey. In order to understand human being,  Cross-Cultural, Multicultural and Global (Interdisciplinary)approaches will be encouraged. Presented Japan Regional Conference, 2022.

Moving forward in the 21st century, scientists in every part of the world are investigating mental health from the viewpoints of Wellness. How we face to the realistic happenings on the part of Well-beings? Using scientific psychology and connecting it with diversified interdisciplinary (neuroscientific, sociological, educational, environmental etc.) knowledge base and view, we will get any cue for it.

Our interest group does not request any strict obligation to the individual members to think /study but we want you to keep up with the discipline that the study is to have scientific base leading to action for better for the Wellness of the individuals and Groups. We welcome you for our friendly and productive discussion and collaborative work for the project.

Thank you for reading this.

Machiko Fukuhara, Co-Chair