ICP is delighted to announce 2023 Award Recipients

ICP 2023 Award Recipients

Dr. Tara Pir

Fukuhara Advanced International Research and Service

Purpose: to recognize mid-career or senior level psychologist with distinguished contributions to international psychology in research and service.

2023 Recipient
Tara Pir, Institute of Multicultural and Educational Services (IMCES)

Dr. Pir is the founding Director IMCES,  a center of excellence that has developed and disseminated multicultural materials over many years, is registered as a NGO with the United Nations ECOSOC, and plays a global advocacy role. Dr. Pir has emerged as a key global leader in the area of human rights and justice for her pioneering work with migrants and underserved communities through diverse publications, workshops, and webinars that apply multicultural clinical psychology to public service. Dr. Tara Pir has been an effective leader outside IMCES, chairing task forces and committees, including the Presidency of the International Council of Psychologists (ICP) in 2013-2015.

Dr. Grant Rich

Frances Mullen Distinguished Contribution to International Psychology Award

Purpose: to honor a member of the ICP who has a long and distinguished history of research or applied contributions to one or more international areas.

2023 Award Recipient: Grant Rich, Alaska Department of Behavioral Health, USA

Since completing his doctorate in 2001 Grant Rich has distinguished himself as a “go-to” expert in cross-cultural and international psychology, with impact as a scholar, teacher, and leader within international psychology. As a scholar, Rich has produced over 260 diverse publications, including 11 books on diverse international topics—history, teaching, media, immigration, human development, and psychology in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Indian Diaspora. As a teacher, Rich has taught at 8 universities, including in Ashoka (India) and Phnom Penh (Cambodia), and has developed a wide array of 27 courses, in-person and online, including cross-cultural topics like anthropology, and cross-cultural psychology. As a leader Rich edited the APA International Psychology Bulletin (2010-2014), and has held appointed and elected positions within five APA divisions. He currently works as a Research Analyst for the State of Alask and practices as a licensed social worker and massage therapist.

Dr. Niels Rygaard

Human Rights Award

Purpose: to recognize work being done by psychologists to advance human rights.  The award is given to a psychologist or a group/organization largely composed of psychologists that has done substantial work to address human rights issues locally or globally through education, research, service, or advocacy. Human rights are defined broadly and include social, cultural, economic, civil, and political rights.

2023 Recipient: Niels Rygaard,

Dr. Rygaard has dedicated his career to the development, implementation, and evaluation of Fairstart, a series of attachment-focused training programs for professional caregivers and foster parents. Since its inception, the Fairstart international training network has prepared nearly 700 instructors in 28 countries to teach caregivers how to provide quality emotional, cognitive, and behavioral support for children growing up without a parent. An indefatigable advocate for human rights of children who have been orphaned due to loss of their parents, Dr. Rygaard elevates voices of those who most need to be heard, but responds to them in way that helps them achieve their potential.

Dr. Erinn C. Cameron

Seisoh Sukemune/Bruce Bain Encouragement of Early Career Research Award

Purpose: to recognize outstanding early career contributions to scholarly endeavors addressing psychological issues of a universal or multinational significance.

2023 Award Recipient: Erinn C. Cameron, 

Erinn C. Cameron is a highly accomplished researcher whose primary focus is on climate change and maternal mental health in sub-Saharan Africa.  Dr. Cameron is an HBNU Fogarty Global Health Fellow in the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health with a joint appointment at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. She is also an Institute for Social Innovation Fellow at Fielding Graduate University. Her expertise extends to leading cross-cultural research teams and developing innovative methodologies tailored to diverse cultural contexts. Her research findings have garnered widespread recognition and dissemination through numerous conference presentations, multiple first-author research articles, and accolades from esteemed institutions. Dr. Cameron’s contributions have significantly enriched the field of psychology, demonstrating both academic and multinational significance. More information about her work can be found here: http://www.erinncameron.com/