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Deadline October 20, 2020!!

Poster and Lightning Talk Submissions

Participants are invited to submit poster/lightning talks. Posters will be available online for participants to view. Poster authors will be invited to present a 5-minute talk in Lightning Talk Sessions to accompany their poster content.  If you would like your poster submission to be considered for a Lightning Talk, please indicate this on the submission form. Following the Lightning talk sessions there will be a networking chat session to discuss the presentations.

Virtual Posters: Posters can be topical or original research that has not have been previously presented or published in any forum.

Lightning Talks: Lightning talks are 5-minute, pre-recorded talks.  Talks will be strictly timed and may be accompanied by one additional summary Power-Point slide if desired. Lightning talks will be arranged into 60-minute sessions comprised of 12 talks each, presented live during the conference.  Lightning Talk sessions will be followed by an online chat-discussion.


Student Presentation Awards: All posters and lightning talks with student first authors will be considered for presentation awards. There will be two Student Poster Awards and two Student Lightning Talk Awards. 


Submission format: Submissions are made online. When you click the green button below you will be redirected to the “ConfTool” registration site. All submitters need to register for an account on ConftTool for abstract submission and conference registration.

The submission form requires name, affiliation, and email of all authors, a maximum 300 word abstract describing the poster content, and a max 50 word summary for the program.

After acceptance:

  • Posters need to be submitted as a single document in landscape orientation, letter size or A4, saved as a PDF. Many presenters choose to make their poster as a PowerPoint slide and then save this slide as a PDF.
  • Lightning Talks need to be recorded (via iPhone, zoom link, or other video format) and uploaded on the submission site

All Materials are uploaded through the ConfTool site.