Conceptualizing Bullying That Targets Asian Adolescents in North American Schools amid COVID-19

Kedi Zhao

University of Toronto, Canada

This presentation aims to conceptualize bullying targeting Asian adolescents in North Amercian schools during the COVID-19 pandemic by integrating three different theories at macro, mezzo, and micro levels. This presentation not only helps us understand potential anti-Asian racism in schools, but also guides counselling services to reduce these incidents.

Inequity of Mental Health Care for International Students in Canada During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kanika Dewan1Carolina Martinez1, David Webster2

1McGill University, Canada; 2Bishop’s University, Canada

Current literature is limited with regard to how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the mental health of international students in Canada and the inequities they face in accessing care. We synthesize the key barriers faced by this population into the following categories: financial, informational, and language/cultural.

Awareness of Racism, Stress, and Belongingness among East-Asian American Emerging Adults

Jessica Au1, Anthony Santoro1,2, Sonia Suchday1

1Pace University, United States of America; 2Columbia University, United States of America

Due to recent increases in Anti-Asian violence in the U.S., this study aimed to examine relationships among Asian identity, acculturation, stress, and belongingness among 166 East-Asian American emerging adults. Findings suggest a heightened awareness of racism is associated with increased stress and decreased feelings of belongingness among participants.

Recognizing the Role of Environmental Racism and Justice in the Climate Justice Conversation

Sheila Ann Turner

Fielding Graduate University, United States of America

The climate change conversation has focused on climate justice, often excluding environmental justice and racism. The attempt has been to ignore climate justice’s foundation within the environmental justice framework. Schlosberg and Collins (2014) conceived three concepts that confirm the intersectionality of the two to explore in more detail.