ICP 2022 – December 9-11, 2022
Program Overview

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Expert Panels

Expert Panel – Decolonization and Psychology

Psychlogy has only recently begun to define, describe and address its colonial roots as a discipline and as a profession. The speakers in this panel will help us defin decolonization, will raise examples and issues of colonialism and attempts to dismantle it and build a post-colonial psychology. Panelists will discuss strategies for sustainability for long-lasting change.


Rolando Vazquez Melken
Sunil Bhatia

Moderators: Polli Hagenaars, Elison Santos

Expert Panel – Climate Justice

What is environmental justice, and what is psychology’s role in addressing the climate crisis from a social justice perspective? How has colonialism contributed to current environmental stewardship practices and problems of climate justice? This expert panel will address these topics and more.


James Dunk
Gonzalo Bacigalupe

Moderator: Erinn Cameron

Discussant: James Ogilvy

Expert Panel – Health Equity

This panel will discuss the definition and meaning of health equity and will offer discussion points for the role of psychological science in developing and implementing sustainable strategies to address equity in access, standard of care, and pathways to health.


Vera Araujo Soares
Urmi Nanda Biswas
Melissa Begg

Moderators: Swati Bajpai and Elaine Congress

Award Talks

Anila Kamal

A Psychological Perspective of Feminist Research & Services in Pakistan: Contributions of Prof. Dr. Anila Kamal.

Anila Kamal, PhD (ICP 2021 Denmark Gunvald Award Recipient)
Rawalpindi Women University, Pakistan

In this award talk, I will discuss work on sexual harassment begun in the 1990s, when it was considered as taboo and nobody really understood the term, resulting in a Sexual Harassment Act (2010). I will also discuss other scholarly and training work relevant to women’s health, reproductive health, empowerment.

Bisma Ejaz

Mediating Role of Shyness between Childhood Abuse and Social Anxiety in University Students: Narrative from Pakistan

Bisma Ejaz, PhD (ICP 2021 Sukemune Bain Award Recipient)
Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan

Social Anxiety Disorder represents one of the most common psychological problems of today with less information about its prevalence and impact on students in higher education. This paper uses the case of Pakistan to explore the intricate yet under-discussed relationship between Social Anxiety, Childhood Abuse and Shyness.

Is American Psychology Xenophobic: Shall We Ask Frances Mullen?

Harold Takooshian, PhD  (ICP 2020 Frances Mullen Award Recipient)
Fordham University, USA

Back in 1984, ICP past-President Virginia Sexton posed this edgy question: “Is American psychology Xenophobic?” After a brief review of global data on psychology in the USA and globally, this message looks at the legendary careers of Frances Mullen and other ICP leaders to address this question of Xenophobia.

Roundtable Discussions

Health and Human Rights – Moderator Carmen Poulin, University of New Brunswick, Canada


Olusheyl Lawoyin,  USA
Jillian Zitars & Deborah Scharf, Canada
Gulnora Bogdalova, Uzbekistan & Amanda Clinton, USA
Cecilia Cheng, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Displaced Peoples – Moderator Sharon Coen, Salford University, UK


Ling Ling Tai, Portugal
Eva Sandis, USA
Kedi Zhao, Canada
Sheza Shahid, Canada

Wellbeing – Moderator Craig Shealy, Western Washington University, USA


Debbie Joffe Ellis, USA
Linda Papitchenko, Poland

Decolonization/Racism – Moderator Ada Sinacore, McGill University, Canada


Hannah Misha Morillo, Philippines
Monica Zabinski & Sandra Zakowski, USA
Devin Alexander Noel-Harrison, USA
Patrick Allen Robertson, USA

Poster Sessions – 

Poster sessions will begin with statements from each presenter, followed by group Q/A. This will be followed by an opportunity to meet with individual poster session authors in chat rooms for discussion

Human Rights Observation and Celebration

  • Collective Reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Short film: What does Human RIghts Mean to You (from the GNPHR)
  • Readings, Music, Poetry

Awards and Tributes Ceremony

  • Presentation of 2022 Awards
  • Presentation of ICP2022 Poster Contest Awards

ICP Town Hall / Members’ Meeting

  • where is ICP now and where should it be going?