ICP Remembrance Stories Project


The coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world for several months now.  At this time of writing, the WHO is reporting record-breaking number of new cases.  The ICP membership, which is global, is experiencing the pandemic in different ways.  We also cope in different ways.

The ICP invites its members to share their stories relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The stories can be on anything, and can include perspectives and experiences on COVID, ways of coping, fears and concerns, observations of acts of kindness, self-reflections, and so on.  By sharing stories across countries, we can learn how our friends in other parts of the world are doing.  We might learn useful tips and information from one another, we might gain comfort and strength from knowing that we are not alone.

The stories will be posted on the ICP website, which means that the public can also read them.  For this reason, members are asked not to include any information that they do not want to be made public.  We also ask that the stories not promote the violation of public health guidelines or the ICP values of human rights and social justice because we will not be able to post such stories.

Please direct inquiries and submit stories to DrNeil@satiraustralia.com