Project to Promote GNPHR

To promote the launch of the Global Network of Psychologists for Human Rights, we are going to produce a celebratory video! It will begin with a short statement about the importance of human rights & psychology, followed by a collage of voices labeling human rights issues. Then the video will continue with short (1 minute) statements by Advisory Committee and Steering Committee members about the connection between psychology and human rights / human rights and psychology. These statements can be general or can be about a single topic.

Please read below for how you can contribute with your short videos (taken with your phone):

All videos can be uploaded on this site here

  • Video take #1: this purpose is to develop a film of many voices saying the areas in which psychology and human rights overlap. To do this we ask each of you to say these terms. Video: pause 5 seconds, say a content area (e.g. “children’s right to an education”; “women”; “refugees”) then pause 5 seconds more. You can make a continuous tape with several terms (we will edit out sections).
  • Video take #2: the purpose is to gather short statements endorsing the goals of the GNPHR and/or the connection between psychology and human rights, and why the GNPHR will help. We are aiming for short statements – at most 2-3 minutes, but shorter is fine too.

To submit your video(s):


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