Introduction to the series

Much of the news around the world on the Covid-19 pandemic has focused on mainstream societies while vulnerable groups are often overlooked.  Yet vulnerable peoples around the world are often the most negatively affected by natural and manmade disasters.  This is certainly true during the current pandemic where the risks and burden of disease are disproportionate in incidence and mortality rates for COVID 19.  ICP has developed this webinar series to educate psychologists and others in our larger behavioral science community about the devastating effects, as well as interventions developed to address this illness among vulnerable populations.

Webinar: June 15, 7 pm EDT / June 16, 9 am Australia

Title: COVID-19 Responses – Challenges and Strengths in Indigenous Communities

The inaugural presentation in this webinar series will focus on indigenous populations who often are marginalized in countries around the world.  Speakers from Australia, Brazil and the United States will address the challenges that indigenous peoples in their countries have faced, as well as their strengths and steps that they are taking to address the negative physical and social-economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar attendance is free to all, but registration is required.

If the ZOOM webinar capacity is exceeded, the webinar will be broadcast simultaneously on YouTube livestream and all registered participants will be informed of the link.

Speaker: Dr. Hilary Weaver
Dr. Hilary Weaver, member of the American Indian Lakota tribe is Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Professor  at the University of Buffalo. Throughout her professional career as a practitioner, academic, and researcher she has advocated for the rights of indigenous peoples.    Dr.  Weaver has presented her work regionally, nationally and internationally including multiple times at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (2005-2008, 2013-2018).   Her published books include “Explorations in Cultural Competence: Journeys to the Four Directions” (2005) and the well-received book, “Social Issues in Contemporary Native America: Reflections from Turtle Island” (2014)  and is currently at work on a book on contemporary Native American issues viewed through the dual lenses of trauma and resilience.

Speaker: Dr. Fernando Pessoa de Albuquerque
Dr. Fernando Pessoa,  PhD in Collective Health has been responsible for the Special Secretariat of the Indigenous Health of the Brazilian Department of Health since 2013.

He has eight years of experience working with indigenous communities and is now writing a document about the challenges that indigenous peoples face in Brazil when because of new government rules they are not able to participate in traditional funeral rituals.

He has written extensively on indigenous populations in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Paraguay.

Speaker: Consuelo Barreda-Hanson 
Dr. Consuelo Barreda-Hanson is a past president of ICP and a psychologist with much experience as an academic, administrator, practitioner, and author.  Living and working in Australia for many years she has served as staff consultant for the Center for Aboriginal Affairs in Australia where she met with staff, gave workshops and saw clients. She is very knowledgeable about the impact that the Coronavirus has had on indigenous people in Australia.