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Membership Chair

Membership Chair
The individual who takes this role will gain valuable experience working with an international community of psychologists and professionals in related fields. The Chair will work in conjunction with ICP’s Secretary General to manage the association’s membership database. More importantly, the Chair will lead ICP’s Board of Directors in creating strategies and initiatives to attract new members. The Chair will also contribute to the creation of valuable programs and services for current members. The experience gained from holding this position will support the individual’s professional development and position them for other leadership positions in the international psychology community.

Membership Committee Area Chair: 

Area Chair
Area Chairs to be part of the Membership Committee. The role of an Area Chair is to serve as the lead contact person for a particular region of the world. Area Chairs work in collaboration with ICP’s Membership Chair in disseminating information. Specifically, an Area Chair communicates with people in their region by accessing listservs, universities, local conferences, and other settings that provide connections to psychologists and professionals in related fields. This individual also provides the Membership Chair with information relevant to their region of the world. Area Chairs develop a network of connections through their service and establish a base for further work in the international community.

Webinar Chair

Webinar Chair
As can be seen on webpage, ICP has established a vibrant, diverse webinar program. The new Chair of the Webinar Committee will oversee the scheduling and advertising for all webinars. This involves reaching out to prospective presenters as well as following up on leads from others. In some instances, ICP webinars are presented through the association’s interest groups. In such cases, the Webinar Chair gathers the information needed for advertising, assists the Secretary General in creating a flyer, schedules a rehearsal and the webinar itself. In other instances, the Webinar Chair will also serve as the host for the webinar or finds someone else to hold this role. The Webinar Chair develops a strong presence in the international community and has the chance to bring new ideas to this program.

Webinar Committee – Student Leader

Student Leader for Webinars
ICP seeks a Student Leader for its Webinar program. This individual will work in partnership with the Webinar Chair, assisting primarily in generating topics and contacting speakers that are particularly relevant to students in psychology and related fields. This is a unique opportunity for a student to forge connections across international psychology and establish themselves as a leader around the globe.

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