The International Council of Psychologists (ICP) is seeking nominations for President-Elect, term to begin January, 2024.

Self nominations are welcomed.

The President-Elect Position

  • The 2-year President-Elect position begins on 01 January 2024 and ends on 31 December 2025.
  • The President-Elect assumes the 2-year President position on 01 January 2026, and then serves as pat-President following the presidential term

Associated Responsibilities

The President-Elect is a member of the ICP Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is a collaborative and collegial group that meets quarterly to oversee and determine the activities, policies, and procedures of the ICP. The President-Elect also meets monthly with the officers of the Board (President, Past President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary-General) to attend to immediate ICP business arising between quarterly Board meetings and to discuss general association strategies and development.

The general duties of the Board of Directors and the three Presidential positions (Elect, current, Past) are the following:

  • General duties of the Board: Assume primary responsibility for the functioning and welfare of ICP; attend quarterly Board meetings; attend the annual ICP conference; review and vote on governance changes, policy statements, association policies, annual budget, convention proposals, council activities, committees, and workgroups
  • Duties of the President-Elect: Chairs the Long-Range Planning Committee, serves on the Annual Conference Planning & Organizing Committee, chairs or co-chairs the Host (Local) Conference Committee (if the conference is in-person).
  • Duties of the President: Chairs the ICP Board (develops agenda, presides at Board and membership meetings), performs usual duties of the presidency, appoints Chairs to Standing Committees, coordinates and chairs the Annual ICP Conference Planning and Organizing Committee, chairs or appoints a chair for other ICP conference planning and organizing committee.
  • Duties of the Past President: Chairs the Nominations & Elections Committee, serves on the Long-Range Planning Committee.

Note:  Additional information on the above duties can be found in the ICP By-Laws, Articles 5.1 through to 5.3 – please see for the ICP By-Laws.

Nominations Deadline: November 04, 2023

The Nominations form is at the bottom of this page or can be accessed here

Ballots for the elections will be sent to all members on November 15, 2023, and the election will close on December 15, 2023.

Eligibility Requirements

  • President-Elect nominees must be current ICP Members in good standing (this means “regular” ICP Member with currently paid dues).
  • ICP Members are psychologists who

(a) Hold or are eligible to hold membership in a national psychological association, or are fully registered, licensed or otherwise endorsed by the government of their country of residence or citizenship as psychologists;

(b) Have been actively engaged for a period of not less than two years, prior to application for membership, in professional work, study, administration, or other activities that would ordinarily be recognized as psychological in nature; and

(c) Support the use of psychological knowledge to support the mission and values of the ICP.

  • Desired leadership qualities for nominees
    • Leadership experience
    • Ability to listen and analyze, as well as think strategically and creatively.
    • Ability to consider multiple viewpoints, an international perspective, and work well with people individually and in a group.
    • Ability to make decisions based on knowledge rather than opinion.
    • Ability to work well with a group and abide by Board decisions – Board decisions are reached by consensus and vote
    • Ability to discharge the duties with responsibility and integrity
  • Note – the working language of the ICP Board of Directors is English.
  • Nominations and self-nominations are welcome!

How to Nominate

Please complete the form below which asks for the following information:

  • Contact Information for nominee and nominator if not a self-nomination
  • Nominee CV (word or PDF document)
  • Nominations Statement (maximum 500 words) statement stating why the nominee would make a good President-Elect and their relevant experience. Please include information about the nominee’s global perspective and experience, about the nominee’s leadership experience, and about experience with ICP.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat (

ICP Board Elections - Nomination for President-Elect, Special Election

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