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View the posters online, then come to the poster session, hear intro videos, and meet and chat with authors during the Poster Chat Session 

Poster Session 1: Friday December 9,  7pm EST.     SEE POSTERS HERE

Poster Session 2: Saturday, December 10, 11:45 am EST.  SEE POSTERS HERE

Poster Session 3: Sunday, December 11, 9:00 am EST.  SEE POSTERS HERE

See the program at a glance and the lineup of speakers!

Program at a glance; titles and abstracts for plenaries, symposia, award talks, lightning talks and posters. Also special events – Human Rights Celebration, Music and Conflict, ICP Business Meeting and Town Hall, Awards Ceremony.

Josephine Tan
Irma Barron
Chris Mulchay
Amina Muazzam
Mary Beth Kenkel
Mary Beth Kenkel
Natalie Porter
Erinn Cameron
Elisón Santos
Merry Bullock
Andrew Simon