Award Talks

Award Talks

Each Award Talk Session will be an hour in length with two award talks. Each award talk will be 20 minutes (pre-recorded), followed by a live moderated discusison among the speakers and the audience participants.

Preparing Your Award Talk

  • You may accompany your award talk with PowerPoint slides.
  • Please do not exceed the time allotted for your talk (20 minutes).
  • If you would like to include references or other materials please email them to the ICP Secretariat ( for posting along with your talk.

In addition to your talk, you will need to upload two further files:

  1. Your CV (doc or PDF file)
  2. Learning objectives for your talk – 1-2 learning goals written in the format “after this talk, the participant will be able to …. (e.g. name the …; describe the ….; analyze .. etc – each learning objective should be a specific and measurable outcome (doc or PDF file).