Roundtable Sessions

Roundtable Sessions

Roundtables are intended to be discussion sessions focused on a specific topic, exploring the topic and relating it to the overall conference theme “striving for sustainability.”  Each Roundtable has four Roundtable Speakers who will begin the conversation, and then continue with discussion among themselves and with the audience, aided by a moderator.

Planning your Presentation 

As a Roundtable Speaker you are invited to begin the discussion by explaining your perspective in a pre-recorded presentation of (maximum) 10 minutes. Your Roundtable introductory remarks are pre-recorded. The subsequent discussion will be live among Roundtable speakers, and with the moderator and audience participants. Your presentation should  address the following two questions:

  • What is your perspective on the roundtable topic?
  • How did you come by this perspective? How is it informed by your work?

Begin your presentation with stating your name, your institution and your country (including mentioning any collaborators if relevant). Then focus on the two questions above, including what you think are the most important issues that we, as psychologists, should address.

  • You may accompany your introductory talk with a maximum of 5 PowerPoint slides. A standard presentation is about 1 slide per minute.
  • Please do not exceed the time allotted for your talk.
  • The time for your presentation is very short. Please speak about your own work with a focus on the two orienting questions. Please note – This is not intended to be a research presentation, but you are welcome to use examples of your own research as relevant. You might use your specific studies as a springboard for discussion, focusing on the reasons for the research, the questions asked, your general conclusions, and your thoughts or insight from your own work that are relevant to the roundtable topic.

Following introductory presentations from each of the Roundtable Speakers, the Moderator will begin a discussion focused on clarifying and expanding on the central issues you have collectively identified, followed by discussion of how an approach from psychology and psychological science  can help to develop sustainably approaches to address the issues of the Roundtable. It is expected that all roundtable speakers are present for the live discussion.