Stories collected by Dr Sandra Neil, Clinical Psychologist, Australia

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by Sandra Neil

The ‘COVID-19 International Council of Psychologist (ICP) Remembrance Stories” project began with the collection of personal stories from Australia. Beginning in April 2020, people were asked about their responses to COVID-19 lockdown.  How did they feel? What happened before they have very strong feelings? And what occurred for them later?

People seemed relieved to be able to speak their own truth and I listened with great respect for their stories, learning from them more than they had ever revealed.  I was elated by this process, the meanings given to COVID19 and the resilience and personal strength of these storytellers.

Last night we watched a similar attempt by the Metropolitan Opera.  The greatest stars donated their time in song (and said not as eloquently as those responders to my questions) how deeply they felt about themselves, their families, friends and the opera.  One song sung by Renee Fleming from the opera Othello as she was expecting her own death, she played Desdemona Death Bed scene and sung Ave Maria like and angel in paradise about to die.  Renee said what a wonderful experience we have all had performing today and she stated no contact with loved ones surprises us!

The project has continued and now there is a second wave fear of the pandemic in Australia.  The stories being submitted are taking a different shape and form: people are truly suffering and afraid for their vocations and futures.

This is only the beginning of the ‘COVID-19 International Council of Psychologist (ICP) Remembrance Stories’ project.  We welcome your story to be included in this project in any form, to be published online. If you submit a story, please do not include any confidential information as it will be published online.

Dr. Sandra E. Neil, PhD, FCCLP, FAPS