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Comments requested on the Draft ICP Strategic Plan 2021

Over the last several meetings, the ICP Executive Board has been developing a new, draft ICP strategic plan. This plan is now complete in draft form and the Board would like to receive comments from ICP members.

Please view the strategic plan here (below) and then either:

  1. Add a comment to this post (comments are submitted for review and then released to be posted on the web at the end of this post) OR send comments directly to the secretariat at icpincinfo@gmail.com
  2. Comments are due by September 15, 2021 so that the Board can review them at its October meeting (just prior to ICP2022 – October 22-24, 2021.

ICP Draft Strategic Plan


The International Council of Psychologists, Inc., is entering its 80th year as a world-wide association of psychologists, including scholars, practitioners, and students, as well as those studying and working in related fields.

The International Council of Psychologists (ICP) as an organization is, in practice, a community of psychologists from all parts of the world who are focused on using psychological science and expertise to promote human rights, dignity, justice, and peace.  The ICP is a nexus where psychologists who often work alone or in small groups can meet and interact with others from other locations. Their activities include information exchange and sharing, supporting and working with one another, rejuvenating their interest and passion for their work, and learning with and from each other. The goal of this community is to make meaningful positive differences in the world and to help envision a more equitable and sustainable future.


The mission of the International Council of Psychologists is to promote human rights, dignity, and justice and further international understanding and world peace by facilitating collaborative relationships around the world.


The International Council of Psychologists values diversity in knowledge and methodological approaches, cultural humility, peer relations, mutual understanding, scientific approaches, critical thinking, and inclusion.


(where will ICP be in 5 years)

On matters of psychology and human rights, dignity justice, and peace, ICP is the leading association that provides international networking opportunities, global information exchange, and global resources.

Goals for 2022-2025

Description: ICP supports 3-5 goals toward achieving its vision. Each goal is fulfilled by one or more projects. Projects are anticipated to utilize ICP’s ongoing infrastructure activities (newsletter, webinars, conferences).

Proposed Goals are:

GOAL 1: ICP creates opportunities for International Networking and global information exchange

  • Objective 1: Host Interest Groups
    ICP curates theme-based initiatives on specific topics. ICP Interest groups may be generated by ICP members or developed from ongoing or planned or existing projects or initiatives. Each initiative is reviewed yearly and either extended or sun-set. ICP develops guidelines and criteria for interest group formation and membership.
  • Objective 2: ICP uses its webinar resources to facilitate information exchange and discussion
    • ICP at the United Nations – ICP works with its UN representation to develop webinars on how psychology contributes at the UN (including UN headquarters, UN Geneva, UN Vienna) and on ways ICP members can be involved (UN content experts, speakers, etc).
  • Objective 3: ICP hosts meetings/conferences to facilitate networking and exchange
    • ICP annual meetings, regional meetings and special meet-ups

GOAL 2: ICP develops and maintains Global Resources for human rights, dignity, justice, equity and peace

  • Objective 1: ICP develops a curated global database of entities involved with psychology and human rights, dignity, justice, peace. Entities (entries in the database) are organizations (NGOs, institutes, governmental and quasi-governmental, associations)
  • Objective 2: ICP continues to host the Global Network of Psychologists for Human Rights (in collaboration with the EFPA Human Rights Board).

GOAL 3: ICP engages in Sustainability and Succession Planning

The purpose of this goal is to review and potentially modify ICP’s structure so that is it poised to actively fulfill its mission and function as a networking hub

  • Objective 1: Change the time of Board position transitions to the calendar year.
  • Objective 2: Consider expanding the Presidential term to 2 years to foster consistency and succession planning.
  • Objective 3: Develop specific role descriptions and mechanisms for engagement of president-elect and past president in leadership trio
  • Objective 5: Develop leadership succession mechanism for ICP board and officer roles
  • Objective 4: Develop Handbook including roles, responsibilities and expectations.


  1. Good morning from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi, India. Today, I would like to congratulate the organizers of the ICP 2021 for hosting this wonderful conference. I am eagerly waiting to listen to the deliberations of the esteemed colleagues and experts on the scientific work done on the various psychological sciences-related topics across the world. Smiles!

  2. I sincerely appreciates the efforts of the executives of ICP for a well drafters development plan. The proposed plan explicitly touched on all the key principles of the Association.
    (1) However,I will like to point out that the abbreviation EFPA indicated under Goal 1 mission 2 line 6 should be explicitly stated (Witten in full for us all to know the full meaning.)
    (2) I think there is a typographicalerror at the introductory part of goal 3 line 3 which believe should be written as ” is it”to be reworded as is ” it is”
    Once more ; I sincerely appreciate all the committee membarsg for aj job well done.
    Ojo Adeshiina.(PhD). Nigeria.

  3. Author

    thanks for your comments!

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