ICP Regional Conference in Japan

Human Right Summits, Social Justice, and Wellness from a Cross Cultural/ Interdisciplinary Perspective

Co-Ordinators: Machiko Fukuhara, Naoki Asazuma,  Japan

Purpose: Gather to support the development of ICP in Japan, to learn from ICP interest groups


July 9-11, 2022 on ZOOM


Fee includes program, access to ZOOM presentations and to recordings


  • Non-Member       $10
  • ICP Memer           $5
  • ICP Student          $5


July 8: 8 pm EDT / July 9 10 am JST
Opening Ceremony

July 10 3 am EDT / July 10 5 pm JST
Closing Ceremony


Dr. Kawakita (Medical Doctor, Japan)
Dr. Maruyama (Bioethics, & nurse education, Japan)
Dr. Sandra Neil, Australia
Dr. Noguchi (Health Psychology, Japan)
Dr. Osada (Human Rights, Japan)
Dr. Robert Silverberg, Australia
Dr. Josephine Tan, Canada (ICP President)
Dr. Tomita (University President, Japan)
Dr.Yokota (Union of Japanese Psychology Association, Japan)